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Toshiba - "Assisted Reality" - DynaEdge DE-100

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Well lets be frank, the headline got me, TOSHIBA ANNOUNCES DYNAEDGE MOBILE EDGE COMPUTING DEVICE WITH COMPANION ASSISTED REALITY SMART GLASSES though why they decided all caps for the title i don't know.

Their official press release is here at this link, http://www.toshiba.co.uk/press/releases/dynaedge-de100-with-assisted-reality/ 

and if i am honest, it actually looks like a handy piece of kit, I work in IT and regularly have to call back to the office while i am out in the field, for one reason or another, sometimes my pair of hands is actually all they need out there!. but the idea of being able to see what another "wearer"  is doing while they are out in the field with what looks to be a pretty powerful little windows 10 Pocket PC with a display, microphone, and speakers, That is completely portable, sounds like a great little tool to have. 

Possibilities with it are endless, though they are promoting it on their website http://www.toshiba.co.uk/generic/dynaedge/  primarily for the industrial and logistics sector, i can see quite a wide application of uses, within IT for field engineers - as a second pair of eyes on a site inspection, Fire and Medical services, with a second person looking and watching in real time and possibly noticing something that is happening the the person wearing them doesn't. 

It actually looks like a good little piece of tech, though their Promo video i think could use a retouch rather than the CG'd hand in the video perhaps use a real person and demo the product! 

It also integrates "seemlessly" with Active directory, and windows 10. which makes me think they are leveraging the mixed reality portal here, though i can't be certain as i don't own one (yet) 

On a side note, it something that i would like to see The Linus tech team possibly reach out and ask if they can do review the product


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so basically the equivalent of someone livestreaming a gopro on their head?

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Awesome, now I can stream myself getting wrecked in Rainbow 6 Siege from a new angle.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

not quite a go pro on the head- this would allow you to stream directly from windows 10 - on the device itself - with a HUD  - imagine writing a piece of software for gaming with that has all the displays you could want while playting rainbow 6 siege - your ammo - your health bar etc, all there while your game is free of all that on the screen.


now that could be awsome

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"Hey, look! We reinvented Google glass!"

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