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Fortnite Battle Royale on Mobile

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If Fortnite can translate to mobile completely intact, it's proof that game developers can do much more with mobile games than they're currently shooting for. If nothing else, Fortnite could be an injection of ambition into the mobile game community. More and more AAA console and PC games could start releasing full versions on iOS and Android, with adjustments made only for inputs. The gap in graphics is becoming less and less an issue, so now it's just a matter of install size and gameplay.


If Epic can pull this off, they'll showcase Unreal Engine as a game engine capable of running the same game across multiple platforms, which is a pretty great selling point.

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1 minute ago, Darkmaster29 said:

No worries thanks for letting me know. 


Catch but a wink hath said the Platypus
Parts list

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Pubg is on mobile. 

Modern combst is the call of duty of phones. 

Theres a legendary sword fighting game with great graphics. 


10~ years ago I was playing full nazi zombies with half life 1 level graphics on my iPod. 

Mobile phones are really powerful now. 

PC game list: 

Build Plan: 


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not only the graphics but the playing experience overall. I think Fortnite is better than Pubg due to the construction mechanics that are not seen in other games. 


I'm curious on how this experience will translate to the mobile platform.

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