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Need help upgrading to new gaming rig!!

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I need help! I am active duty military and I travel a lot(2-3 weeks a month not to mention deployments). Further, more and more I am gaming on the couch on my lapboard next to my wife who watches tv. I currently us an HP Pavilion x360 with integrated HD 520. Yes not much of a gaming laptop but it allows me to play Borderlands 2 and it is light and thin for travelling. I am ready for an upgrade though so I can start playing some games like Metro, The Division, Warframe, etc. I am a man of simple taste and I dont need RGB lighting and all that but I would like something with a Thunderbolt 3 so that a year or so down the road I can use an external card for more intense games. However, I am not sold on that idea if a 1060 in something like the Helios Predator 300 will last long enough to be worth the money. To be honest I am lost on what to get. The Razer Stealth is just too much and the Dell 7577 and the Helios are bulky or I am not sure about the longevity of them. I am just looking for advise and suggestions. Is there an option I am missing? What would you guys do? 

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What's your budget? I'd go for a Razer Blade 14, it has integrated graphics but it does have a TB port for eGPUs.

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11 minutes ago, kelvinhall05 said:

What's your budget? I'd go for a Razer Blade 14, it has integrated graphics but it does have a TB port for eGPUs.






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@Being Delirious You did it, Yay.



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Posted · Original PosterOP

I am looking to stay below $1500 but depending on the value I would consider $1800. Was looking at the $1000 range but only the Dell Inspiron and Lenovo Y702 meet the requirements but both are a bit bulky. Started looking into RBlade and MSI 63. I like that the MSI has the numpad for work but I have lived without so it's not a must.

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