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Rhett Quigley

Sigma/Tamron 100-400 vs Sigma/Tamron 150-600mm

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I will be taking pictures of birds with it. Which would be better? I also currently have only a t3i body, should I upgrade that first?

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Between the two I'd go with the 150-600mm just for the extra zoom capability. Both are solid options.


https://blog.sigmaphoto.com/2017/sigma-100-400mm-vs-150-600mm/ for a decent comparison of the two lenses.

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Well yes and no. The t3i is pretty limited in framerate and buffer, and image quality isn't great, so you will have a hard time doing that probably. 


As far as the 2 lenses, the good thing is that you have the crop factor to add to your FOV, so you don't necessarily need the reach of the 600 since the 100-400mm is a 600mm equivalent on a crop sensor (640mm on Canon). On the other hand, the t3i won't allow you a lot of room for additional cropping. 


I would personally go with the best IQ and widest aperture of the 2, I think that means the 100-400mm probably, and the best IS system. I think for this purpose these things should be more of a priority when looking at 400mm+ focal lengths anyway. 


As far as bodies are concerned, its hard to say. I prefer the fast crop dslrs over FF for wildlife personally, so I would go with a d500 or 7d or something of the sort that fits your budget. In your case, I wouldn't upgrade because, the d500 is now the definitive winner in that market point and its an amazing camera, but the switch to nikon might be more costly than anticipated. My advise, Buy the lens now, if you find the body is holding you back, you can upgrade in the future, Canon's 7dmk3 is due and it should be a considerable upgrade in IQ mostly, and I hope buffer depth. If anything, if it isn't worthwhile, its bound to drive 7dmk2 prices down, making them more affordable at that point. 

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