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No Man's Sky (on PS4)

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Hi Everyone,


Here we are again with another game called "No Man's Sky" and I am updated to "Atlas Rises Patch 1.38".


Now I know this isn't a place for game reviews but why not right. Anyhow if you want more information about the game link is below:

 Atlas Rises Patch 1.38


So what is this about?


Well i am not going to tell you what everyone else is. It is a space bla bla bla and bla bla bla... Right I mean that is not what this is about.


(Pre Atlas Rises Patch or any Patch) In the beginning the game to me was very frustrating. I didn't know how to do half the stuff I wanted to do and really it just consumed time. I wasn't happy in the beginning. I wasn't enchanted or fascinated. I mean the controls!!!! Great fluffy bunnies help me I felt like a toddler trying to figure out cold-fusion. I was as confused as a cat in the ocean. So eventually i started figuring stuff out and then turned it off frustrated and just wondering why i wasted my money it. 


Then Midnight came i was board and turned my PS4 back on again used some of that sweet 'free' night-time data and 7 Gigabytes later I was back at it.


(Post Atlas Rises Patch or any Patch)There is something to be said for self-torture but in all I was learning the game all over again. Only this time I had a menu and options so i moved towards sandbox option. Now i can learn the game without crying or planning horrible things for a shiny DVD. 


The controls are still as bad... Or is it? To be fair to the game, PS4 controllers is as new to me as can be. Here i am a PC gamer that play inverted mouse and all the rest now sitting with this strange little plastic thing with a bunch of buttons. I found it confusing, I found it intimidating and to date i am totally useless using it. If I ever have to play a competitive game with this controller I would be target practice for the elderly! 


So I thought lets try the game with my save-file and lets see. 4 hours later I was in space. Why 4 hours? You can credit that to my IQ. Other then that figuring stuff out is not easy. Apparently there is a tutorial but yea... Here I am in space landing on new worlds discovering stuff collecting things and selling it at the space station. Sweet sweet destiny, yes there is nothing i enjoy more then moving virtual stuff from point A to point B and get money for it so that I can buy blueprints and stuff. 


Then started the sandbox game and WOW seriously it blew my mind at what was possible and how far this game really goes. To be clear as bad as I am at playing PS4 games this game is a TON of fun. It really is.


I was totally consumed by it and I haven't even done everything there is to do in this game. 


Now the reason for me writing this, is there is a lot of people saying the game is bad. I just wanted to say NO this game is not bad. If your head is in space and you are like me dreaming to be up in space just exploring and surviving then i can recommend this game. I do not know how the PC experience is but as far as the PS4 goes WITH those HORRIBLE HORRIBLE controllers if i can survive in that game anyone can.


And yes I will continue to play it both on sandbox and on Normal difficulty because playing it on anything else would be bad for me personally. 


If you have the game and you did play the updated version of it. Please write me your experiences I would love to know if there are others that really enjoy the game.


thank you for reading :)



Cheers :)





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I've heard this game got better, but after the complete shitshow at launch, the devs dont deserve my money.

by far most hyped piece of trash ive seen

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Posted · Original PosterOP
7 hours ago, Tsuki said:

I've heard this game got better, but after the complete shitshow at launch, the devs dont deserve my money.

by far most hyped piece of trash ive seen

The reality is they could have done a better job at the beginning. But i think that had more to do with time lines and existing skill then anything else.


In the beginning before the updates things was buggy and i didn't get the experience i wanted. It almost felt like the beginning stages of other Beta games. A bigger disappointment to me was Drifter. It felt it could have been so much better but again it didn't deliver.


I still need to followup on it as i basically forgot about it till now. Finding a good polished game is hard and i didn't want to play Eve-Online because the pro players took it upon themselves to wipe out the noobs. Not sure if that is still a thing... Because one actually pay to get blown-up it lost its appeal fast. Why would anyone pay to get shot to hell each and every time one tries to connect? Other then that Eve-Online is a beautiful game and i liked the strategy behind it. It is just 'some players' took the fun out of it fast. 


Again not much more i could say... I don't even know if anyone is still playing it, Maybe one-day i will reconnect.


It is partly why I like "No Man's Sky" The fact that it is single player and i can keep it of the internet is appealing to me. For 1 no pro-players to deal with thus allowing the player to evolve and get good at it. Also connection drops 'yes sadly 2018 still a thing' doesn't effect me at all. 


As i continue to play the game i will see what else it allow me to do. But all i ever wanted was to fly around in space doing my own thing. Currently this game gives me that and is why i am writing about it. Because i think a lot of people want that 'freedom' to explore. I just wish the controls was better.


That said it isn't as limited as Subnautica


But to be fair Subnautica did its own enjoyment and I do credit the game as it is a really good game. In some ways better then most expensive game titles.


But yea thanks for the response :)








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