This will be a place for events within the Folding (and sometimes Boinc) community to be posted.   It is also a good place to introduce yourself to the rest of the team and ask questions if you have them.   If you have an event you would like to organize post it here and PM me about it.       Current or upcoming events: (If you have an event you are trying to organize or would like to participate in please post in this thread and PM me)   ITS OFFICIALLY HERE!!! FOLDING MONTH 2019!!! Starting October 1st through November 4th (we added 5 days so no excuses) Spread the word!!!   Get your systems ready, take out your 401k and buy a GPU army, sell your car to pay for electricity, do something crazy like whole room water cooling to make sure you don't boil alive in your own house. The time is now. (well October 1st to be specific)   Note: we are not responsible for you spending too much money on computer parts and electricity.            Folding@home team LTT id#: 223518 Boinc teams are all called LinusTechTips_Team   Results from past events: Sprint for 10th!   BOINC Pentathlon 2019       LTT Official Folding Month 2018! First LTT folding week results (3/26-4/1/2018):           My folding story and also my reasoning for the first event: It was a long time ago when discovered this thing called distributed computing and a piece of software that will use your computer power to help fight against many diseases including cancer . When I started folding I also joined the Linus Tech Tips team (it was actually @Slick's old Ultimate Distributed Computing build that got me into it.) and considering that the mining craze had died down a bit and its still cold for those of us in the northern hemisphere. I was wondering if we could get the whole community together to donate as much of  their compute power as they can to Folding At Home (yes it is true that every little bit helps) for some amount of time (title says a week but can easily be extended if we can do it). Obviously the encouragement is to fold to the Linus Tech Tips Team #223581 but since folding is a good cause no matter what there would be no complaints about folding for another team. But one of the pieces of this that really encouraged me was looking at the team ranking for LTT and realizing that we have dropped to 14th considering that when we started we were at least 11th.   Long story short fold (preferably for LTT), get your friends folding get their friends folding and even if you bring in complete noobs we have a whole community here to help them. I will link the guides here as well as the video that got me into it.   For those that still need some encouragement here's the video that started it all for me:   Install guide (yes its just that easy):   (going to try to gather info for doing a Debian (kali) install guide soon, If you have guides or would like to do them for other distros please feel free to let me know and I will link them here)   Tips and tricks (hasn't been updated since July but as far as I'm aware nothing has really changed):     Facts and Fiction:     If you are too lazy for all of that here is a link to the site to download it   If any of you have any questions or need help getting your system set up (there are some things that can be tricky at first and I know sometimes reading the guides can be tedious) please feel free to post here where people with more experience than I can help you or pm me if need be.   TLDR: A team that folds together... stays together?... you know what I'm sticking with that one.   @Whiskers   Huge thank you to everyone involved from all of you and the moderators getting this pinned to people just helping each other out on setups and spreading the word to anyone here who is just folding. I never though that this was going to pick up any traction at all and now its an actual bonafide event. So thank you all and let the folding begin!