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The sub of the z5500 cannot be upgraded. Sure you can use the speakers etc, but then you'd have to buy a receiver to connect them to along with the new sub. Because the control pod of the system is connected to the sub and it hold all the inputs. So how did you plan on doing the upgrade?

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You can 'upgrade' the sub by replace the driver itself.

Do a google search and you'll find that other peope have done this before.


Do note however that the main 'problem' with the sub has always been the built in controller that sets the frequency crossover way to high, resulting in boomy bloated base which lacks punch.


I have the Z5500 system myself, 2 infact .The original control pod died and logitech just sent me an entire new system as a replacment without even needing my old one back. So i have a spare set of speakers lol. Its a beast sound system 'for a pc set' , but in terms of pure audio quality ..when we're comparing to hifi grade stuff, its pritty shit. Still, im fine with it. If i were u , i'd look for a compatable sub driver and simple pop out the blown original one and put the new one in.



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