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Huawei B310 Bypassing max connections limit

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hey All,


I am currently serving in Madagascar with an organization. I am assessing some of their technical needs - one is a better internet service and networking within their budget. 


One option, because fiber and adsl is not available at their location, is using a 4G provider. Both providers in the area supply a Cellular Modem/Router - but both have a "limit" of 10 devices. 


However, each device has an ethernet port. 


Has anyone used one of these devices before, and have you connected another router to the ethernet port on the modem/router, essentially using the cellular modem/router as only a modem to bypass the 10 device limit? 



D3SL91 | Ethan | Gaming+Work System | NAS System | Photo: Nikon D750 + D5200

From Portland, OR - But currently in Madagascar until 2019.

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What is this limit? Modems have no limits, especially when in bridge modes. If its a cheap modem router combo, most of those limit 16 devices. 


If you want to get around it just get your own router. 

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