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Audio not working on floatplane

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Posted · Original PosterOP
Switched from an Samsung s7 to pixel xl 2. First week on new phone could watch floatplane no issues. Now video plays fine but no audio. If I download the video audio works fine. It's just floatplane videos too. On both the forums and floatplane directly. If I go to Facebook or your though Chrome browser they work fine too. So far I have cleared cookies, Uninstalled chrome reinstall problem continues, checked audio settings In Chrome. Would like to get fixed before floatplane goes live I noticed I've resorted to waiting for videos to come out on YouTube lately. Please help 

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Have you managed to mute it using the video player controls? When the player starts and the controls are visible, is the volume icon normal ( ) or crossed out?

I don't work for Floatplane Media, so any Floatplane comments that I make are my own and may be incorrect or in conflict with the official view.


For Floatplane support, please use the wizard linked in this topic

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