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4790k - Starting to Worry

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I have had my 4790k since near launch and its always been a good little solider, I lost the sillicon lottery hard with it though - never been able to push it past stock. 

Recently my temps have gone up even after changing cooler. I have considered that maybe its not making correct contact with the Chip. But regardless its always performed thermally not great 
Custom Loop - AIO - Stock - Another AIO - all been pretty shocking actually. I don't thermal throttle but i see it hitting 60s when gaming now and that's annoying. 

I have considered de-lidding and applying a better compound - I think liquid metal would be a really bad idea though so i want to stay away from it. 

Anyways any ideas ? Is my chip just giving up the ghost despite not being overclocked ?

Things to note :

Enhanced Turbo is on giving me 4.4 on all cores
During my custom loop I had one radiatior fail so was forced to go down to one massive rad which obvs didnt help temps. 
I run my fans low but not super low
its currently on an AIO that had its backplate destroyed (not by me) so using the backplate from my old EK that was part of my custom loop. 
I have secured this down fully and can confirm it was making full contact when i was testing the mounting. 

Chicken Nuggets

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CPU's are really resilient little sh*ts so it's pretty rare for one to give up like this. Try delidding.

MSI GT62VR 6RE : CPU i7 6700HQ Display 1080p G-sync IPS RAM 32 Gigs DDR4 GPU GTX 1070 Storage 256gb M.2 SSD + 1Tb HDD

Oi m8 quote me if you want me to notice


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4 hours ago, Hayabusa1989 said:

I don't thermal throttle but i see it hitting 60s when gaming now and that's annoying. 

if you find hitting 60s annoying then you will need to delid and use liquid metal, from my experience 4790k's have actually decent TIM, ofcourse you could see a difference in temps but it won't be 15C with normal thermal paste.


also nothing wrong with 60C while gaming that's a perfectly fine temp imo.





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So have actually tried oc'ing it?


Don't see how hitting 60c is a problem, need to turn down the voltage if you running stock speeds. That will help the temps. 

Gonna delid mine and used regular time like on my 3770k. Dropped 15/20c still.

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14 hours ago, wildthing said:

from my experience 4790k's have actually decent TIM

You must have been using very different 4790K chips that the rest of us because everyone else, including myself, has found that, if anything, Devil's Canyon might have managed to have worse TIM than base Haswell (and that's saying something).

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