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Black blocks and pixelation in dark areas

8 minutes ago, Wissam6990 said:

what do you mean a 6 bit panel ? what monitors do you recommend for perfect colors and image quality ? 

Well most monitors are 8 bit, with the exception of a) very very cheap crappy ones, b) high refresh rate ones like yours that sacrifice image quality for speed without making the price too high, and c) professional monitors that are 10 bit.


Essentially it's the number of distinct levels each subpixel can take on.  28 = 256, which is the range of values that every normal modern consumer devices works with.  That's per channel, so with R G and B you get 2563, which is the 16.7M colours you see advertised on most displays.  With a 6 bit panel you just get 26 = 64 per channel, and then the combination of how these turn into the full displayable range is a bit more complicated than what I want to get into but they use tricks to try to simulate as much of the 2563 (16.7M) colours that you would expect as possible.  This leaves visible artifacts however and that might be what you are seeing.  If this is the case there's nothing we can do to "fix" that, it's just how the monitor looks.

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13 hours ago, kaiju_wars said:

Apparently my post got lost.  I hit submit then it just disappeared


Most people don't use 240Hz panels, and the ones that do tend to go for higher resolutions, or so it seems.


A lot of people are moving more towards multi-display setups though, and in my experience, TN panels generally suck for this.  Also, color accuracy is nice to have all the time.  I'd rather what I look at doesn't look like crap, since my way of interacting with my PC is through my display.  As for it right in front of you, most people don't have it at a distance of a foot or less, and most people do like to lean in a more comfortable position.  No one sits like a straight monolith their entire time on the PC.


There are decent TN panels sure, and unless someone has to have 1080p, 144Hz, I'm recommending the IPS display.  

Especially around the price range of 60 to 75Hz monitors.  Most TN panels in that range suck anyways.  

You have a point. Taking this info into consideration you have been a big help thank u!

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