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New Warcraft 3 Remastered OR Warcraft 4 to be announced soon

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46 minutes ago, SC2Mitch said:

Iirc it's still using HAVOC engine which was primarily used for 2 cores and 4 threads machines since it's age, but I doubt blizzard will invest in a new engine.

it is a shame, I do love WoW i've been playing it since 2008 on and off. but the engine really lets it down. a 6700k with a 1080 has a 1080 at about 70% load with a 1440x screen.

But my 6700k isn't fast enough for the high 2 core operation with a 4.9Ghz overclock :(


Guild Wars 2 looks amazing and sits at 100fps regardless with great threading. 

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IMO they need to go back to the classics...just like O.G. Starcraft, and remaster Warcraft 2. Tides of Darkness, Beyond the Dark Portal, mang!

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  • CM Hyper 212 EVO (temporary) .... EKwb Predator kit .... in-progress
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  • 20 GB (8GB X 2 + 4GB X 1) Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600 MHz
  • Corsair A50 air cooler  NZXT X61
  • Kingston V300 120GB SSD [non-gimped version] + SanDisk Ultra II 240GB SSD + WD Caviar Black 1TB HDD
  • Antec New TruePower 550W EVGA G2 650W + White CableMod cables
  • Cooler Master HAF 912 White NZXT S340 Elite w/ white LED stips

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<> Electronics Engineering Technician for the Canadian Department of National Defence <>

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On 2/18/2018 at 10:56 PM, Doobeedoo said:

Warcraft 4? Yeah no, WoW is continuation of WC story. What would be the story of it, like starting from Cata or something. It'd be weird. 

It’s probably WC3 Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne but with better graphics. I just hope they add more races other than human, orc, night elf and undead. 



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WoW was at it's peak during the Lich King launch - it's been downhill since then - slowly - but IMHO - the latest expansion was hugely dissapointing - they  gave us one upgradable weapon - that totally sucks - for me the excitement of WoW was the ultimate weapon hunt - it's like telling someone what present they got for Xmas the night before - it takes away all the fun of the surprise -

When wow took away weapon choice and gave us ONE weapon that's upgradable I stopped playing a few days later -

Unless its free to play I would never pay a subscription to blizz for a game thats gone downhill -

Vanilla wo was all mystery - and the undead were a prominent race - since then the y gave us fierce kill bunnies in Pandaria - what a joke - they tried to make a broader appeal to the game by including pet battles - WTF ??? - where are the mysterious places and the undead - I remember the first time I got into undercity - it was magical - and the first Naxramas raid was an experience I'll never forget - Not to mention the first Icecrown citadel raid -

Dissapointed with WoW

I7 8700K - 4.7 OC , Asrock Z370 Extreme4 MB, MSI GTX 970 ,  NZXT H440 , Corsair H110 , 16gig Balistix ram  , Razer Huntsman Elite - Razer Purple Opto-Mechanical Key Switches  -   , Logitech G502 , Samsung 850 Pro bootup drive, Antec Edge 750 modular PSU

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