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Please Help! OVC samsung CFG70 27 inch and strobbing (fastest mode)

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Greetings, I've bought a samsung CFG70 27 inch which has a known problem: http://www.overclock.net/forum/44-monitors-displays/164...

I didn't send it to samsung's service, and decided to use it at 120 hz. Actually I put it at 120 hz via OSD (monitor settings) and then overclock it via windows at 144 hz, but I noticed that doing this is not as smooth as it is at 120 hz, I guess this is related to strobbing (monitor fastest mode), cuz is set to 120 but really the monitor is at 144.

So, I just decided to use it at 120 hz, but now I wonder what's the highest ovc I can do to this monitor in order to match the 120 hz strobbing.

Thanks, I really dont want to send it to samsung because in my country is really bad, I really need a Superb answer.


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