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so, ive noticed that the search box in the upper right is difficult to see, at least on night theme, unless you're looking for it.

its like it uses grey text, instead of "default" colored text.   an issue night theme users have sometimes with normal posts(although its been a while)


making it more visible "might" reduce the number of duplicate threads.  or at least remove an excuse.



EDIT: just checked day theme,  its pretty obvious there.

EDITIT: also i totally meant to post this in Forum Suggestions, not bugs.  oops

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I don't know. I'm visually impaired and usually have very strong opinions when it comes to UI and colors. But I don't think it would even make better excuse. It's pretty well seen already. Dublicates are more of attitude issue than anything else.

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I can make it slightly brighter, but not more than a little bit due to the way that the header has been implemented.

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