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Millions Of Android Devices Compromised, Mining For Monero

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Researchers at Malwarebytes have discovered that android devices have been being tricked into mining Monero by advertisements since November 2017. As of time of posting, the scope of the operation is unknown. So far, this exploit has not been used to steal information off of the phone as it relies upon opening a new tab which contains code to mine Monero, and once that tab is closed the mining ends.

International Business Times article: http://www.ibtimes.com/millions-android-devices-compromised-mining-monero-2653185

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Hey if it gets people off GPUs go right ahead, doing something this illegal will help crash this damned things faster. They should join forces with the Russian (mad) scientist using super computers to mine together.


Let's make it a GTA 5 DLC where the new businesses are ways to get crypto mining


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I wish the likes of Google and Apple will push a software update to terminate processes ubiquitous to all cryptominers like malicious apps and scripts in webpages because these SoCs aren't made for mining and it could brick a smartphone.

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Why I always use adblockers on my phone and PCs. 

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