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Steam Stream and Controller help

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I was wondering if anyone here would mind helping me troubleshoot a problem.


I have been trying to stream Skyrim SE to my laptop and play it on my tv. My biggest issue is I like playing the game with a controller and when the controller is plugged into my laptop the game does not recognize it.

I noticed if I plug the controller into the host PC it works fine though, but I don't have a long enough cable for that to work well.

If anyone has any tips or a fix it would be greatly appreciated, preferably a fix without spending any money for extra stuff.


Host PC Specs:

Win 10

Evga 1070

Ryzen 1500x



Early 2011 MacBook Pro 

Radeon 6750M


Using an Afterglow 360 controller.

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Try enabling controller support in steam. Click steam, go to settings and then controller. Then go to general and enable xbox or ps4 controller support depending on what you have. Ten try and play.

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