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So apparently I am making a Macro Keyboard but I am encountering Some Problems. I cant use Intercept or Interception because if I install that all my Keboards and Mouse turn off and they dont work. Apparently Taran has helped me lot by uploading his Repositories on GitHub but I am having a lot of errors  I am Posting all down below. If any of you Coder knows please let me know I have put Images of Errors.... Any kind of Help will be Appreciated

Screenshot (11).png

Screenshot (12).png

Screenshot (13).png

Screenshot (10).png

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Can you give it in text form? (Just copy and paste it into the "code" format for this forum.



Also post the errors.

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Choose whatever you need. Any more, you're wasting your money. Any less, and you don't get the features you need.


Only you know what you need to do with your computer, so nobody's really qualified to answer this question except for you.


chEcK iNsidE sPoilEr fOr a tREat!

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For starters there's a comma missing on line 95.

    [108] = "numEnter" --sometimes this is different, check your keyboard

should read

    [108] = "numEnter", --sometimes this is different, check your keyboard


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