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6 hours ago, Noctua_Boy said:

Negative nellys like yourself dont make the world go round , if what up to you we would still be stuck on 2d gaming.

"3D Graphics? that technology from the military flying simulators? it costs millions of dollars , it would never make it to consoles" ... Somehow it did.


You're the one stuck in the past with your slow capped internet connection.


Also you don't seem to understand that they only way companies will change their business practices is by consumer demand dictating it.

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2 hours ago, Stefan Payne said:

Do you think that people living in those shitholes that have bad Internet connection have the money to buy a 4k TV??

You cant judge people based on bad infrastructure+laws :( i have a nice apartment and high end 4k HDR tv but my internet sucks, i have to have a HD Netflix subscription because 4k content wont stream fast enough, i'd have to pause for 5 mins while it buffers, enjoy a few mins then pause again its total BS.  We don't have net neutrality here so its not that my lines cant handle it, if i download a game from Steam for some reason that comes in a 8-9MBPS but a torrent, Netflix stream or YouTube is slowed down to around 900kbps-1.1MBPS.  


I wish i could make my ISP treat all of my data equally but i cant :( 

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