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US charges two men over ATM ‘jackpotting’


39 members have voted

  1. 1. Would you use this method of stealing money from ATMs?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Source: https://www.theverge.com/2018/2/6/16977794/department-of-justice-doj-charges-two-men-atm-jackpotting-malware-hack

Well, it looks like "Jackpotting" is more common these days in other countries! I wonder where this issue will spread next!


The United States Department of Justice (DOJ) has charged two men with bank fraud after they allegedly hacked ATM machines causing them to eject all their cash reserves like a Vegas slot machine. The attack, known as “jackpotting,” is usually carried out by perpetrators dressed as repair technicians to deploy malicious software and/or hardware, while others then exploit the hack to withdraw the cash on demand.

If you want to know how "jackpotting" works with ATMs:


A report from security journalist Brian Krebs last week outlined a Secret Service alert going into more detail about how jackpotting works. Thieves posing as technicians use a medical endoscope to locate an internal section of the ATM where they can attach a cord to sync their laptop with the ATM’s computer. The ATM then displays an out of service notice and is able to be controlled remotely. The thieves can force the machine to disperse its cash, which is then collected by “money mules.” Standalone ATMs like those located in pharmacies and big-box retailers are most at risk.

Here is a simulation of how jackpotting works:

Other things to note:

  • The ATM was spitting out $20 bills which all totalled up to $9,000 in cash
  • An earlier investigation suggests that the ATM suspensed as much as $50,000

I actually found this quite funny to be honest, its relatively easy for people to just dress up and advertise themselves as ATM technicians and then just simply hacking the ATM. And the US claims to have lost over $1,000,000 from ATM jackpotting thefts already, so that goes to show how bad ATM security is. I mean, I cant wait until physical cash gets decreased and electronic payments take more places in terms of taking/transferring money. And yes, physical money is useful if your walk into a shop and you don't have your card on you and you want to just buy something and there are of course more security vulnerabilities with online transactions as well, but I think that these vulnerabilities can be handled better with online payments in terms of security. This is how I think of it, what a waste of life, your going to get 30 years imprisonment, I'd rather save my money then steal it, its much easier if you ask me! ;)


Added a poll in: Would you try this method of stealing money from an ATM? I just want to see what people say, that's all!

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Why is the thread insinuating as if someone in the forum would do such crime out of desperation? I find it unnecessary imo.

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Seems more like an add-on for this thread to be honest.



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I'll have thugs fight over the money they're stealing from the bank and shoot the last one once he's done


and then blend in with schoolbuses. for the lulz.

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Gun point is more fun though...

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I mean it's bank fraud, not simple theft, and bank fraud apparently has up to 30 years as punishment.  It's not an isolated incident either, so given that it's a repeated offense it somewhat makes sense?

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