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Favorite CS:GO team

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On 4/26/2018 at 6:37 PM, Dukester said:

Favourite team is Team Liquid and always has been. Wish we still had the dream team of S1mple and Hiko :((

That was the NA dream team that got to the finals of the Major

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Its a three-way tie with VP, NiP, and Astralis.


VP because holy crap, I anticipate for the day/s they just go on a plow and just destroy anyone, and that immense loyalty (until they had to kick Taz, but still).


NiP because I've been mostly a Get_Right fan and are just, for whatever reason unstoppable in IEM Oakland... what the fuck?


Astralis (former Danish TSM and even after they got Glaive) because they've choked less and less and overtime and it just shows that the Danes are nuts in the game. I'm even more of a fan of them now because they basically figured out the game, and the only way to beat them is to literally have a team just have each member overperform. Glaive's system alone just shuts down the likes of Faze (Yes, Faze beat them 3-0 [and be honest, it was close in every map], but holy crap, that's the kind of performance they needed in the Major against C9, not in a Tier 1 tournament that isn't exactly that important), and in terms of strats... they basically created the nade meta. Glaive's system and strats are literally on display for teams to observe and understand, but somehow it doesn't matter if you figure it out because ever since they got Magisk, an unbelievably underutilized player (thanks MSL for wasting this guy because you like/lick Aizy's dick so much), Astralis has all the firepower in the world. Dupreeh back on entry, Device on form, Xyp9x the ever reliable clutch god and support, Magisk as the second or third star (which he should've been in North, but fuck you MSL), and Glaive, the mastermind. If they don't win the Major... I don't even know anymore.

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On 6/2/2018 at 2:26 AM, Gadda said:

So what's your guys favorite team in CS:GO?

Personally my favorite team will always be NiP, but I also really like Fnatic. I hope both of them get back in form and start winning some tournaments again, with Lekro, Krimz and Flusha going off that will hopefully be true soon

Has to be Cloud9 hands down

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