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Aussie, country Aussie, jeans, flannel, big hat and boots. All while driving a 70 series land cruiser Ute. :-P

Rig 1 CPU: 3570K Motherboard: V Gene GPU: Power Color r9 280x at 1.35GHZ  RAM: 16 GB 1600mhz PSU: Cougar CMX 700W Storage: 1x Plexor M5S 256GB 1x 1TB HDD 1x 3TB GREEN HDD Case: Coolermaster HAFXB Cooling: Intel Watercooler
"My day so far, I've fixed 4 computers and caught a dog. Australian Tech Industry is weird."

"It's bent so far to the right, It's a hook."

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Haha here is where all my fuckin strayan mates are hangin. Sup guys! It is a scortcha here in south aus today. Hit 40 inside the warehouse I was working in.

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