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Issues with crashing

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Gday there all,


I recently built a pc for my brother my old 970 that worked fine and (https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/Rw84kT) these bits.


Went together fine and had no issues, then a few weeks down the line pretty much every game would crash, the picture would freeze but you could he the game continuing in the background. Then the psu made a funny noise, i had a look at it and couldnt see anything. It has been scilent ever since. 


Understandably my brother is a little annoyed any ideas anyone? 


Thanks in advance 




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Good working PSUs don't make a funny noise.


As a technician, I would put that PSU on my tester or at least use a voltage meter to test it.


Alternative test would be to try a different PSU.


Also disconnect that PSU from the entire system if testing.  Blown PSU can send a surge through the rest of the system and take out other parts with it.


If you are talking about an NVIDIA GTX 970, the minimum power supply recommended is 500W, not the 450W in your part list.  If this is the case, you have likely overloaded the PSU.


For good measure, scale up a few steps with the wattage.  PSU efficiencies degrade over time.  500W recommended?  Go for a 650W+.  600W recommended?  Aim for 750W+

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