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Good "gaming" chair?

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20 minutes ago, mattdmg said:

So I have a budget of about $150 or less and I am looking to replace my current generic office chair with someone comfier. What are some good options at this price I can look at? 


I was looking at this one at first. 

Go to staples/officedepot and spend several hours just sitting in the chairs.

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First of all a good gaming chair will increase your fps by over 1000, second of all it will improve your skill in 94% of games. But anyways, any chair thats over 50 dollars i would say is good.

I hAve an unfinished pc build. Pls dont bully for not having one yet or i cry.

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i personally have the blue one and i would say that it is pretty confortable.  No issues to complain about

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