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LSI MegaRAID 9260-8i on Asus PRIME X399-A cannot access firmware config utility

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I used to use the 9260-8i on an Asus P6T motherboard and I could access the card's firmware config utility just fine, but now that I've moved it to an Asus PRIME X399-A I can no longer access the utility. The card and the RAID array on it still work, I just can't get into the firmware to change or clear any settings. Is there any way to get back access, or am I stuck?


Access used to be by pressing Ctrl+H at the RAID card's boot messages which came after the motherboard boot page. The prompt still shows and the keypress seems to be acknowleged, but the config utility fails to come up and the PC goes through to Windows.

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I also have a 9260-8i and noticed this behavoir on both an Asus Z68 and MSI X299 board. Luckily somebody on the net found the solution, so i just registered here to spread the news:


Press Ctrl+H at the RAID card's boot messages, then press the key for bringing up the bios boot menu (usually F8 or F11), then select your RAID-controller as a boot device -> LSI WebBIOS will show up instantly.

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