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Random restarts no BSOD on newly built PC PLEASE HELP!

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My newly built PC starting to do random restarts! There are no warning no BSOD or whatsoever!! It is so confusing!


Several things I've tried:

  • Clean reinstall Windows
  • Checking all drivers, everything seems fine
  • Checked CPU temperature, ~30 degree Celsius when idling

Here's my specs:

  • AMD A8-9600 3.1 GHz APU
  • MSi B350M Gaming Pro Motherboard
  • G.Skill NT Series 4GB 2400MHz DDR4 RAM
  • Corsair VS450 450W PSU

I haven't installed any dedicated GPU card.


The restart occurs randomly but it never occur when I'm gaming. As far as I remember it happens several times when I was using Chrome. Any help would be appreciated!

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@bintangsbgj It could be possible that not all cables are seated properly. Try reseating all the cabling in the case. it could possibly help.


Restart could also be a cause of a faulty PSU or not enough being provided to the machine. But your saying that it doesn't happen when gaming. do you by any chance play full screened? 

Some people prefer a challenge, I just band my head against a wall until my method works...

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This is a check everything scenario.  Hard restart without Windows actually crashing means something hardware related fails before the Windows kernel can catch it.


Sometimes a teardown and rebuild will help you spot a mistake or magically work and you won't know why.  Otherwise it might be worth running diagnostic tests:  CPU/RAM/HDD

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