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self-made usb sensor bar

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi guys,

Because there isn't that great of a selection of usb sensor bars (at least in Germany), I wanted to built one by myself.

This is my first try doing something like this and wanted to ask for some advice to be on the safe side.

I want to use 4x Osram LD274 LEDs (datasheet: http://www.reichelt.de/index.html?&ACTION=7&LA=3&OPEN=0&INDEX=0&FILENAME...) , and power it by USB (5V; 100mA ?)

With this setting (see picture below) each "lane" would be at 50mA (?), and therefore I would need 46Ohm resistors, but there are only 43 and 47Ohm available, which of those should i get?

Did I forget something, or is this drawing completely wrong? I don't want to short out the LEDs

Help would be much appreciated, and sorry for possible grammar mistakes^^.




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