Shopping for a mouse is very simple.
You find a mouse that suits your budget and personal preferences.
But why there are so many mice out there with Laser and Optical sensor? High Dpi? and use different Optical or Laser sensor such as PMW3310/3360/S9800?
And why there's gaming mouse anyway? Can we just buy a regular mouse and use it for everything?
For casual gaming you might be fine with it but if you're a serious gamer. Especially competitive player, Then you will need a gaming mouse.
Why? Because the sensor you found on general optical mouse won't be able to keep up with your hand movement and will fail you in the end.
Many professional FPS player can move their hand at around 2-3m/s and because of this they need a sensor that can keep up with their speed and these sensors are usually found in gaming mice.
That being said doesn't mean you won't need a gaming mouse if you are just a casual gamer. Having a great sensor and features such as tons of buttons for macros or MMO is nice to have.   Contents : 1.General Terms 2.Optical Vs Laser Sensor 3.Mouse Dpi/Cpi 4.What Makes a Good Gaming Mouse? 5.Popular Gaming Mice Sensor (pros and cons of each sensor) 6.What To Look And What To Ignore? 7.Mice Recommendation   Before we begin I must remind you that there's no such things as a perfect mouse. Because everyone has their own preferences.
You don't always have to buy the best mouse. It may have the best sensor, the best build quality and the best feature but what if it doesn't suit your hand or grip style? You'll end up feeling uncomfortable when you use it for a long periods of time.
That's why people tend to find a mouse that is perfect for their hand and grip style. They often sacrifice sensor performance and features but only as long as the sensor is good enough for their needs.
But again, everyone is different! Some people might prefer performance over comfort and vice versa.
So a good mouse is a mouse that will suit your budget, your hand and general preferences. You don't always have to buy the best mouse.
And I apologize if there's any grammatical mistakes because English is not my primary language.
And if somehow there are some mistakes in this thread then please correct me and I will update the thread because I am no expert and people make mistakes.     1.General Terms 2.Laser Vs Optical 3.Dpi/Cpi 4.What Makes a Good Gaming Mouse? 5.Popular Gaming Mice Sensor (Pros and cons) 6.What To Look and What To Ignore? 7.Mice Recommendation There you have it. Feel free to ask me anything about this guide and if if happen to miss something, Let me know! I am Etna and thank you for...uhhhh Reading my Guide i guess? Yep.