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Kangaroo Factory

75 inch TVs vs 65, 50

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Just wanted to put this information out there.


75 inch TVs are 1/3 larger than 65 inch TVs. Keep this in mind when you're comparing prices.


75 inch TVs are twice as large as 50 inch TVs.  


4k on a 65 inch at 8 feet, assuming 20/20 vison, is not sharper than 1080 on a 65 inch at 8 feet. 


4k on a 75 inch at 8 feet, assuming 20/20, is definitely sharper. 


I have a 75. I've had it for about six months. Very happy I skipped getting a 65. I'm still impressed by it. In time, your friends' TVs will look puny and pathetic.

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i have a 75" as well but i only use it for movies, the latency just not something i can cope with in a game and aside from being big its pretty much inferior to my monitors in every other way so i stick to watching movies on my ultrawide

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I have an ultrawide as well, and I think my office chair is inferior to my couch. Have you run 4k Blu Ray's on your 1440 ultrawide by chance?


At 8 feet and 65 inches or so, the difference in sharpness between 2k and 4k will be discernable to someone with 20/20 vision. The greater the screen size, the more value 4k has. Hence, people should get 75+ inch TVs, not 65. You missed the essence of my post. 

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