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Bob Jim

Slim Micro-ATX Cases?

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I'm looking to build a cheap office PC, in as small a form factor as possible. For the AM4 socket, Mini-ITX boards are well over twice the price of Micro-ATX boards, so I'm forced to go with the latter. Does anyone have any recommendations of slim mico-ATX cases? I do NOT need space for a gpu at all.


The Inwin BK series looks good, however it is not available in the UK. Please give me any suggestions, but ideally a price under £50 would be nice. Thanks!

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I highly suggest you spend a wee bit more and spring for an ITX board, mostly because you can have a NUC-sized Ryzen build and it'll be smaller than any mATX case you can find.

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Who is going to use this PC?


Will it just be used for office work?


Any reason mITX form factor is required?


Contrary to popular belief, if you want a PC for just basic office work I generally recommend a (USED) pre-built sandy-bridge dell optiplex SFF PC. They are dirt cheap and can usually still have the RAM, CPU, drives and graphics upgraded. I've seen them for as little as $75 USD here in the states on ebay. 

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On 1/14/2018 at 6:47 AM, Bob Jim said:

Does anyone have any recommendations of slim mico-ATX cases? I do NOT need space for a gpu at all.

Look into HTPC cases. You can get extremely thin cases from silverstone usually

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