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PC has recently started running bad

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hey guys so on my pc (specs)

RX 480 nitro 4gb

8gb basic crucial ram

i5 6500


s2h h110m gigabyte 

1tb wd blue corsair 350d

corsair 100r


This PC is pretty good and when i first built it around feb 2017 it ran games perfectly compared to other benchmarks of similiar specs etc but recently i have noticed really bad framspikes noticible screen tear and note thefps drops are only really bad when moving mouse in games (looking around) same with screen tear and also games that ran perfect a while ago run terrible now? i recently switched to ultrawide which has worsened the issue but playing on 16 9 still has the issue 

note that a couple months after pc build mobo died and was replaced but it worked normally after that and now im getting issues i checked afterbuner osd and everything seemed normaly other than fps and i dont know where to start in troubleshooting note i windows reset my pc which fixed it a tiny bit also the issue was bad when i started using display port for freesync (sidenote while using freesync didnt have monitor driver installed correctly as it said generic pnp but i have now installed it with hdmi) but even with freesync enabled didnt fix tear there is alot more info but i dont even know what to do im just lost so i really appreciate any help thank you! this may sound all over the place because it is driving me nuts haha.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

well i did try not too too long ago but i done a bad job and if i were to retry should i take out the gpu and dust the pcie slot? also temps looked normal with no sort of throttling on osd


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One question do you have your older monitor still ? Try connecting it. Also wanna know if you know how much load is on GPU / CPU when this shutters occur. Did you install any programs that run while you game? Chrome with 50 tabs open in the background anything like that ? 

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