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any 1 know if wan show on tonight

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@LinusTech @Slick @GabenJr  anybody know if there will be a wan show tonight and if so roughly what time. i know its ces but was hoping to maybe get a little wan show with whatever you guys can manage to pull together. friday night without WAN would suck

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They normally do WAN show when at CES, other years people like Kyle, Paul & whoever else is floating around have featured in a group WAN show before.


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Would be too much to ask the WAN show to assign someone to run a setup test before the WAN show is supposed to start?  They often run late and spend half their time on technical difficulties with their production.  Plus, it would be nice if they could elevate the show to stay a little bit on track and cover the material they start to discuss.  The topic jumping around can be a bit jarring. As you get interested in topic, they suddenly switch to some other half baked topic.  I realize the WAN show is supposed to be an entertaining tech news conversation of the day.  Sorry for being picky.  

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