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Gamma Dev

What is the best CPU water cooler that I can buy?

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I Want to know what is the best water cooler available that I can buy for my desktops CPU which is an intel i9 EXTREME and I want the best water cooler that provides the best performance and if you didn’t read the title I’m not on a budget and IF it is POSSIBLE please try and make the suggested BEST PERFORMANCE water cooler be the quietest water cooler as well IF that is POSSIBLE and if you have a link to where as I can buy this EXTREMELY AWESOME CPU WATER COOLER then please put the link in a post that I can go to a post that I can go to so I can buy this cooler.



                                                                                         Thanks for helping me in advanced.

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I added more details to my topic/discussion.
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A massive custom loop with 2 480mm radiators and some extra 120mm’s and maybe another rad in the basement if you can fit it. 

That's an F in the profile pic



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welcome to the Linus Tech Tips forums!


usually best means most expensive. silent means more expensive.

dunna know what all is needing the cooling (kinda silly just to cool the CPU as the GPU suffers more with thermals).

custom loop will yield the best thermals and noise levels. for a CPU/GPU loop figure $750USD-$1200USD.

for AIO, really any 240/280 with a fan change can be used for the CPU and the nzxt g10 and H50 for GPU cooling with fan changes.

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I have a personal liking to the Swiftech x320 360mm AIO. If you don't know much about doing custom loops, this is a good start.


I've heard issues about fittings leaking and stuff, but just make sure things are tight before running. I've been reliably using the loop for over a year. Plus it uses all standard fittings and hoses so you can add onto it in the future.



My old gaming build before I had to sell it.


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