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stuttering during games

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Posted · Original PosterOP

my pc is seeing stuttering during games and I cant fix it.

I have a gtx 1050 ti


4gb of ram 

an 240 ssd

500 hard drive

I have asked for peoples help before and they always say its something my ram bottlenecking my pc, which yes could be true but I don't play very graphically demanding games and I'm still seeing stuttering. also a video of someone playing on a 4gb of ram and they didn't have the problem that I had on you tube

my pc says some kabby lake thing is out of date but I'm unaware of what this actually for.

another thing, when I go to files, my ssd doesn't show up, it says that I have installed on my system info so idk

I have already tried increasing the page file size for my ram for games like overwatch but I still saw the stuttering

can anyone help me please :)


Screenshot (52).png

Screenshot (51).png

Screenshot (49).png

Screenshot (47).png



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