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Random Files Appearing in Recycling Bin

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Ok so this has been going on for a few months now. I have a linked windows 10 account with my bog standard laptop with my main PC. Over these months i have noticed that in the recycling bin, on my laptop only NOT my PC there are...files loads of them, all appearing after a restart no matter how many times I deleted them. They are always something to do with Fallout 4 as a CSV file for Excel or other files, CIV 6 and FM18 are the newest instalments being PKM files. However, i noticed the FM18 files appeared once I booted steam on my laptop.


I have on several occasions scanned my laptop with both Antivirus and Anti Malware (AVAST and Malware Bytes, AVAST being premium and Malware Bytes free edition) restarting the PC does nothing, only re-creates the files i deleted. Im thinking this is a bug with Steam? 


I am clueless, any help is appreciated! 


EDIT: This is definitely a steam issue as any time i re-boot steam it dupes the files in the recycling bin

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