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to dump or not to dump (temp files) that is the question

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so I have heard it both ways dump em and dont dump em I am of a mind on my new rig to dump them periodically to keep the drive(s) free of clutter

what do yall think?

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if you are running out of free space then dump them, if not then no point. I usually dump mine when i require some free space. 

Microsoft in there infinite wisdom have decided to impose a VRAM cap for games the that use DX9 o.O. May God Bless them those whoever came up with that idea. :dry:


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Temp folders are a volatile storage location. They can be cleared at any point as they're only supposed to be there while they function for an actively running program. After that the application should clean the file but they don't always do that.


TL;DR clear them.

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