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Folder list to txt

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I would just create a php and/or javascript page, and let it run. But I doubt you would consider it easy.

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7 minutes ago, ringo said:

Is there a easy way to extract folder list to .txt file without messing with DOS programs?

Open a command window and do


Dir > output.txt


To list every file in every folder do


Dir /s > output.txt

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DIR C:\path\*.* /B /S > c:\temp\filelist.txt


/B - bare format, just one file name (including path) on each line without any formatting

/S - go through sub folders


Then you can open the file and do a search and replace to remove what you don't want (the path for example, which would show up on each line)...  for example, you can do search for "c:\path\" and replace with ""


Total Commander (windows explorer like application but way better) has options in its menu to generate file lists for folders


DIR [drive:][path][filename] [/A[[:]attributes]] [/B] [/C] [/D] [/L] [/N]
  [/O[[:]sortorder]] [/P] [/Q] [/R] [/S] [/T[[:]timefield]] [/W] [/X] [/4]

              Specifies drive, directory, and/or files to list.

  /A          Displays files with specified attributes.
  attributes   D  Directories                R  Read-only files
               H  Hidden files               A  Files ready for archiving
               S  System files               I  Not content indexed files
               L  Reparse Points             -  Prefix meaning not
  /B          Uses bare format (no heading information or summary).
  /C          Display the thousand separator in file sizes.  This is the
              default.  Use /-C to disable display of separator.
  /D          Same as wide but files are list sorted by column.
  /L          Uses lowercase.
  /N          New long list format where filenames are on the far right.
  /O          List by files in sorted order.
  sortorder    N  By name (alphabetic)       S  By size (smallest first)
               E  By extension (alphabetic)  D  By date/time (oldest first)
               G  Group directories first    -  Prefix to reverse order
  /P          Pauses after each screenful of information.
  /Q          Display the owner of the file.
  /R          Display alternate data streams of the file.
  /S          Displays files in specified directory and all subdirectories.
  /T          Controls which time field displayed or used for sorting
  timefield   C  Creation
              A  Last Access
              W  Last Written
  /W          Uses wide list format.
  /X          This displays the short names generated for non-8dot3 file
              names.  The format is that of /N with the short name inserted
              before the long name. If no short name is present, blanks are
              displayed in its place.
  /4          Displays four-digit years


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Select your folder's path:



> Ctrl + C > go to any browser (chrome) > Ctrl + V > Enter   :



select the text > Ctrl + A > Ctrl + C > open new excel sheet > Ctrl + V     :



Delete the unnesseccery info and keep just the list: > select it


> open a .txt file > ctrl + V



NOTE: if you want to delete the "/" go back to excel > DATA tab > text to columns > press NEXT > select OTHER > type "/" :


> Next > Finish


Go for it! ;)


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