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can i wear these headphones with glasses?

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Although it's usual that headphones and glasses don't ever really comfortably go together, I would say that there are plenty of ways to wear any glasses and headphones. At the moment I have headphones with extremely big ear... cups(?) that fit fine with my glasses, as well as I had a pair that had very small ear cups that also worked fine. 

I'll put the disclaimer that I have never personally worn those headphones, but I could make a very strong inference that glasses and those headphones would be fine together.

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20 hours ago, MBogdan said:

https://www.emag.ro/casti-gaming-cougar-immersa-cocgimmersa/pd/D4BL07BBM/ , could i wear these with glasses? just so it wont mess my glasses up or something 

not sure where your from / what you can buy but when I wear my glasses I always use my Brainwaves HM5 / NVX XPT 100's they have the softest and biggest pads out of the headphones I own and I cant even feel the arms of my glasses while I wear them.



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