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Are Ryzen Memory Problems Still Existent?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I remember hearing a lot about memory clock speed problems with the ryzen platform when it first launched. I just got a ryzen 1600x and need some ram.

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Nah.  You can stock run 4000 mhz ram if you want, but because of diminishing returns, I recommend getting 3000 mhz or 3200 mhz ram for ~$160 if you can find it that cheap :P https://pcpartpicker.com/product/tBH48d/team-t-force-night-hawk-32gb-2-x-16gb-ddr4-3200-memory-thwd416g3200hc16cdc01

I might not know what I'm talking about but I'm gonna say it anyways


Try using the PSU Tier List! 

How to reset the bios/clear the cmos

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They are basically gone. These days it's the memory controller that dedicates the max speed of the ram (if the ram itself is rated for those high speeds).

It's not that common anymore that the ram limit is caused by the lack of optimization. A friend of mine has a system with 3000Mhz ram on launch, it barely ran 2666 stable (looser timings than it should). Now it runs 2933 stable with the right timings.

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It isn't problem free, but I think it is comparable to Intel level of compatibility now. There will still be unknowns and some modules will not agree with some motherboards, especially for higher speed modules (3000+).

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just check the CPU and memory section of the forums there are still a shit loads of posting about memory, stability and overclocking related issues about ryzen.

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most configurations should be fine now, but the IMC is still a pice of shit and you will end up with worse memory performance than the same kit on Intel but you can put pretty much anything in there and it will work

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Yes but as long as you go asrock or Asus and get Samsung dies you should be problem free

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90% gone. Even on MSI boards. Make sure you get a good memory and a good motherboard

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6 hours ago, hconverse02 said:

Nah.  You can stock run 4000 mhz ram if you want, but because of diminishing returns, I recommend getting 3000 mhz or 3200 mhz ram for ~$160 if you can find it that cheap :P https://pcpartpicker.com/product/tBH48d/team-t-force-night-hawk-32gb-2-x-16gb-ddr4-3200-memory-thwd416g3200hc16cdc01


Not a chance.

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Case: Caselabs Mercury SM8

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i have update my crosshair VI hero to latest 3008 bios and i cant run my crucial elite on factory 3466mhz speed. so yeah they are still problems whit ryzen. but in the same time, going over 2133 is overclocking so is not 100%

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