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Custom desk build ideas

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Im planning to build a custom desk with my father with my computer in the desk like Linus did,

I don't want to make it look like Linus's custom desk.

Can anyone give me some advice, tips or mention some things i should keep in mind before i build it.

Any advice or ideas are welcome.

Some things im planning to do or use:

- Monitor Mount

- Coolermaster mastercase 5 maker I/O Panel in the desk

- Led lighting


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Measure twice, cut once, I guess that's one of the more important tips. Make sure you have sturdy legs, especially if you're gonna integrate a monitor arm, you don't want to the thing to be wobbly or just typing on your keyboard will translate that wobble to the monitor. Guaranteed sea sickness!

BTW - God tier beard.

- @Slick in a PM once


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