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Recommendations for 4K TV?

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In the market for a 4k tv. Mainly want to use it as a tv but I will probably occasionally hook it up to my pc (2x 980ti, 5960x) and play a game or two on it. Dont worry about my computer not handling 4k, I already have as asus 4k monitor and it runs it fine. Although I will not use it for gaming often I still want to have that option. I have been looking at the Samsung and LG ones, tossing up between getting a qled or an oled, done a bit of research but its super confusing these days with all the models. I have a budget of $2000 AUD, Australia pricing, probably looking at 55" or 65". Any recommendations or tips on what to look for would be great. Thanks.

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For me oled looks better for TV but the Samsung qled are better gaming sets with much better response time and no screen burn .  . I went with the 55 Samsung  qled in the end but would of been just as happy with a oled but the price on the Sammy made it too good to pass up . I don't think you would go wrong with either

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