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Notebook Internal USB HUB

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Posted · Original PosterOP


I got a little problem with my moded USB slot.

This slot was always occupied with my wireless mouse receiver, for "better" in/out of my bag I opened the case and soldered the receiver pcb too the 4 pins (USB2).

So no problem there, mouse works and it slides nice and easy in/out of my bag.

My problem lies with the visible USB slot, which I can't use anymore, power is there but devices aren't recognized.


I always taught an USB HUB is is like a Network HUB Pins are just hard wired.

So it looks like this isn't the case, maybe.

Did I kill D+/- ? (would be the best option)

Or does a USB HUB connection work?


It should be wired like this


Notebook MB - v - > Visible USB Port -> Udisk

                          > - > receiver pcb



If I need a HUB or a single IC for this would it like this?


Notebook MB -> IC/HUB - v - > Visible USB Port -> Udisk

                                            > - > receiver pcb


If so, i think i'm screwed and now got a charge only usb port


BTW: A simply paint like tool for the forum would be nice, i'm not good in asci art

Correct me if i'm wrong, learning is a lifelong mission

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A USB port and hub are similar to a network switch, however, there are a set number of "ports" available to use. Since you've hard wired in your mouse receiver, it's already using that ports' data connection as far as the internal hub and Windows is concerned.

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