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Freesync stuck at 40-60hz

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hey guys,


I recently got my new display, a Acer XF270HUA, which I use with my AMD RX 480. 

In the AMD Radeon Settings program I have set AMD Freesync to on but when I hover it it claims: "Refresh rate reported by display: 40Hz to 60Hz".


The monitor is supposed to be able to handle Freesync at 144Hz through DP (I made sure it is DP 1.2).

Tried to install the display drivers (though only drivers are for windows 8 64-bit on the acer website). I wasn't allowed to install these on Windows 10 since they aren't signed. 


Anyone have any suggestions on where I should start searching for a solution to this? 

Thanks in advance!

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Never mind, found the problem. 


Had to go into Display adapter properties -> Monitor -> Screen Refresh rate: change it to 144hz.

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