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Looking For DVD Recorder Suggestions <$700 CDN

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I'm doing up a "memory lab" for a local library. It's basically going to be a station where people can come in and convert old analog photos, videos etc to digital formats. I've already got a good scanner for photos and slides/negatives, but I'm looking for something to convert old VHS tapes. As largely elderly persons are going to be using this setup I want to keep it as simple as possible so I want to avoid the pc capture card route and go with a standalone dvd video recorder. It needs to be as push button as possible with as few steps as possible. So I'm looking for a dvd recorder for less than $700cdn that's reliable, in production for repair support in case of damage and reliable enough for public use.


I can easily get a hold of a good VCR cheap so that's not a problem.

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I own a Toshiba DVR620 that does a fairly decent job of capturing tapes to DVD.

Maybe you could look into that?

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