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r9 280x choices?

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Helping a buddy choose a r9 280x, can't decide if I should tell him to get the dcu2 version or the toxic from sapphire.


I heard somewhere the toxic has cherry picked chips, but doesn't the dcu2 version have a way better PWM, build quality?

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Both are great cards. While the toxic is clocked higher, there is no reason you can't reach those same (or better) clock speeds on the Asus card. Tell your friend to choose whatever card he thinks looks the best.

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Vapor-X is nice for performance/sound balance, Toxic is very loud. Asus has nice warranty. 

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I got the Gigabyte Windforce 3 one, it is pretty quite and clocks OK. However the core voltage is locked so the OC capabilities are somewhat limited unless you flash another bios with altered core voltages.

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I have the Vapor-X and love it but dang they jacked the price way up since I bought it. I got mine for 319 from newegg back around mid-October and it's priced at 379 now! It's out of stock though anyway. In fact I have been looking ever since I got mine just out of curiosity, and have not seen it in stock at newegg since then.

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ASUS is known for being cooler and quieter, go DCUII

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