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Need advice for major car head unit project

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So I've desidet that the old head unit in my Suzuki Swift 1,5L form 08, needs a major update. I've hoped that there was some great AIO solutions on the markedet, but I must admit I was very disapointed to learn that most of the things on the markedet where crap, or expensive and did not forfill my needs. SO I turned to youtube, and found som great DIY videos, that has inspired my for for my build - but I would really uses some help, to find the best parts and maybe geet some tips/feedback on the build?


In the link you can see my overall blueprint for the build. 

1. I want to start with an 10.1" or 12" android tablet with 4g - something that easy to use and that I can get cheap, maybe a used Denver tablet or an used samsung galaxy tab A. I'll route the device and install another OS, made for cars. 

2. After rooting I'll connect the tablet to a OTG cabel and that one to an USB hub. 

3. The USB hub will talk to the DAC (4), rear usb camera (8), steering wheel control board

4. the DAC will take the digital signal and convert it into an analog signal, that will go into 5.

5. An 4 way amb eighter with 2 X aux input (10 + 11) or 1 X aux input and bluetooth build in, so if I want I can stream from my phone. The other aux will be used as an input for an external lapel mic (10)

6. the amp will then send the audio on to my 4 X 50 W car speakers

7. An USB plug inside the dashboard will be used to power the DAC, and tablet.

8. I need a rear camera / something with build in infered light for the nights

9. an programmabel motherboard for remapping and converting the signal from the steerings wheel controlers so i can be used on the tablet. 

10. I want a lapel mic, because the are small and often pretty good and cheap + easy on the eyes in the car

11. I need someking of bluetooth device that can send a signal into the the amp - if I cant find an amp with bluetooth ***OPTIONAL***

12. The speakers and amp + usb charger will be charged by the standard car battery.

What do your guys thing - it it duable? got any tips/tricks/feedback

Youtube videos for referances:


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