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Picking up Bookshelf Speakers, need amp

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hey there so Ive been browsing around the web with the idea of getting a decent Stereo setup which i plan to add to (like getting a sub). To no luck on finding what i need I thought Id ask here as this is the best place For me that provides advice.

My Budget is £250 for the speakers and amp, I want to play music (ideally sounding good in all genres, like a middle-ground), watch yt and film, add an extra dimension of immersion to my games and usefull for Video editing and i may do music production later though thats not a priority at ALL (the last 2 points are my Focus). as for the Amp Im clueless as to what would drive my speakers (I was thinking about wharfdale diamond 9.1's) and if an a/v reciever would be useful instead as i could do 5.1 later and have my PC and other media devices run through it.


Thanks :)

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Are you looking at used? I don't think they're still making Diamond 9.1s (unless you can find NOS units).


Here's a potential option:




If you're slowly building a 5.1 set, maybe consider a more recent speaker model (to allow you to complete the set later on). Example:


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The home theater section here doesn't get a lot of traffic.  AVS forum would get you an answer faster.


Short version: "home theater on a budget" is the most common subject on most AV forums and the answers are never simple.  There are hundreds of options at every price point and you generally get what you pay for.  Stagea's suggestions above are reasonable for your budget; just know that there will be compromises.  It may not sound as good as you like, have the features you want, etc., but at this price you can upgrade in the future without too much financial loss.

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