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3D Printing - Models, Tutorials, and Discussion

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22 hours ago, Scheer said:

Figured I'd throw this here rather than starting a new thread. With it getting nicer outside I've been opening up the doors and windows in my shop and the draft was messing up my prints, plus I've been wanting to do some ABS printing, so I started looking into enclosure designs. At first I was just going to do the standard Ikea Lack enclosure, but last weekend I was too impatient to wait for shipping and just ran to Menards and found this Klearvue cabinet. Its basically the Menard's in house brand of Ikea style kitchen furniture.


Size was about perfect, plus the leveling feet gave me room to shove all the power cables below it. Happened to have a 24"x24" desk return surface that was nearly the same color to throw on the top, and some random chunks of oak to make a frame for the plexiglass.


I underestimated how much heat the printer puts out though. When printing ABS the ambient temperature gets to 120 degrees F, so I have a fan controller on the way to exhaust some heat out of there.


Currently just using some shelf pins as the door stop, planning on adding a proper wooden stop with a seal all the way around the door this weekend to completely stop the drafts, and hopefully doing an exhaust fan at the top with an intake on the opposite top side won't create any draft near the print.

Ooooo, that is nice.  Hmmmm, wonder if I can find cabinet like that locally here.  


I finally got my printer together a few weeks back.  Been busy learning what it can and can't do.


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Thought I'd share this in case anyone is interested. For my previous job I used an MX Master Mouse 2S for my home office laptop dock. Since this was the same desk as my personal PC, I designed a stand to place the mouse in when I wasn't using it (not really needed, but I thought it would be an interesting challenge to model the mouse contours). I uploaded the STL and ePart models via GitHub. There's also a topology optimized version in a subfolder (less material and shorter print time, plus it has an interesting look).
Both were printed using an Ender 3 with 0.2mm layer heights and 0.4mm nozzle.

Regular version
Topology optimized version

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On 10/7/2020 at 8:24 AM, Benjamin22044 said:

I was wondering if it is worth buying a DIY 3D printer for the business uses because I have seldom seen people looking to assemble 3D printers. 

The upside to a DIY printer used to be that you could save a ton of money, but anymore with how cheap the Creality printers are I would just buy one of those. In my opinion, the only remaining reason to DIY a printer is if you like tinkering, or you want a very specific printer style/size.


If you don't mind tinkering and upgrading a little, get an Ender 3 Pro and add the common printed upgrades as well as a BL touch, will cost about $300-$350. If you want something to run out of the box, check out the new CR-6 SE for $400.


Even if you have $10k budgeted for a 3d printer, I would still get an Ender or CR-6 SE first to know what you are in for. One of three things will happen, you will realize its something you don't want to mess with and save $9500, you will realize its more than adequate and save $9500, or you will want a nicer printer and still have a spare printer for quick jobs and prototyping small stuff while the nice printer runs big stuff.

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