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I need advice with picking a monitor!

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hey everyone! 


I am here because I need some help. 


I was eyeing to purchase a Dell P4317Q or a 43" LG that uses the same display (made by LG), which Linus actually reviewed. 

I'm currently running a Dell 2515H monitor, which is quite a popular monitor. I like its size, resolution, color reproduction and brightness. 


I bought the Philips version of 43", which is named BDM4350, which I am returning after 15 minutes of usage due to extremely poor brightness, faded colors and just poor image in general. 

I have a question: 

Besides the pixel density, which will be lower on P4317Q, how is the brightness and the color reproduction, when compared to Dell 2515H? Is it at least as good as 2515H? 


What other monitor should I be looking at? 

I don't game, so no need for high refresh rates, G-Sync or anything like that, but I need extreme brightness (An entire wall of my room is basically a window, so I need at least 350  - 400 dm/m2 to use a monitor comfortably during the day). I require 4K resolution along with a size larger than 25", preferably 32", and most importantly, high color space coverage. No need for absolutely 100% adobeRGB color space coverage, but I need the colors to look as vibrant as possible, with the color space going as much above sRGB as possible., My budget is around 1k$ - 1,2k$, with a little flexibility. 

I mainly use my monitor for video and anime consumption along with programming and working with professional image editing. 

I noticed that border issue with the Philips as well actually, seems that all large monitors have that border issue unless you underscan, and to contribute to this thread, I absolutely advice against Philips BDM4350 as it is dim, colors look bad, and it has a dimming of the brightness towards the corners, loking quite low quality. 


Any help is appreciated, and looking forward to everyone's input! 

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