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Efi system partition

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Hey guys, Today I tried to install Kali Linux by shrinking the volume of my D drive (I have a D drive (hard drive for files) and C drive for programs etc). But it did not work cursor on  Kali Linux was not showing. Now when I am back in windows of course Linux rearranged the partition that i made for it 100 gb in 3 spaces. Now I can delete 2 of them containing just the linux files but the last one i cannot delte because it is a EFI system volume. How do I delete this?? this is just the Grub bootloader but i can't seem to delete it trugh windows?? 
Thanks in advance

BTW just whipping the whole D drive is not an option since it contains a lot of my personal files (on the other 800GB of volume)

My hamster "speedy" runs in my computer, so don't even say its slow... :$:D

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Windows won't let you delete EFI partitions afaik because they are considered system volumes. In the graphical tool that is.

DiskPart, the command line tool for that job, won't care about that and will probably delete your C: drive if you ask nicely. Find its documentation here: https://technet.microsoft.com/de-de/library/cc766465(v=ws.10).aspx

It replaces the old and famous fdisk tool. It's not as intuitive to use, but you basically list all the partitions on a drive, select the one you want to delete and then delete it. It feels clunky but it works. Of course, be very careful to select the right partition!! You don't want to nuke your 800GB of files, but you seem like you can pull it off.

The space will be free after that and you can add it to the rest of your storage (through the graphical interface if you wish).

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Just be sure that you're not booting from that partition, and after that you can do the following on the Windows command prompt:

list disk
sel disk X (number of disk containing the partition you want to delete)
list part
sel part Y (the number of the partition you want to delete)
list part (check if the partition is the one you want to delete)
del part override (that will force the deletion of partition, but be sure to check if you're selecting the right one)


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