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4k on older games that do not natively support it

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I recently bought a few old games that I love to play on xbox 360 on pc I want to get them to run ultra settings in 4k on my 4k display but everything I  try it does not change anything 


games include 

mercenaries 2 

and Tom Clancies Endwar 

and Star wars Knights of the Old Republic

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Unless there are mods made, you are not going to see better resolution than max supported. Same goes with wide screen support. Which is one reason why older games are played in windowed mode.

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DSR/VSR them?


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Sometimes you can force a higher resolution by editing the game's ini/cfg/registry. Also, there are some games that you can force a higher resolution using Cheat Engine (which is how we forced higher resolutions in FF13 for a while). Though if none of those methods pan out, the only thing you can do is run at 1920x1080 with 4xSGSSAA. This way, you should get near perfect pixel interpolation, and SGSSAA should help smooth things out.

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eh.... KOTOR even at 1080p messes up the UI a bit, and anything higher will probs make it unplayable. Like running Battlefront II at 4K makes the UI elements go all over the place. 1440p is fine tho, but I don't think I tested that in KOTOR. 

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